Quilt Prep Guide

To ensure the best quilting experience for you and for me, please complete the following before dropping off or mailing your quilt top:
  • In order to properly load your quilt, your backing must be 4” longer than your top on all sides (example: quilt top dimensions=72” x 80”; backing dimensions=80” x 88”). Max quilt top size is 110”. *Note: For best results, ensure your seams run parallel to table bars. For most quilts, this means that when looking at your quilt top right-side-up, the backing seam will run horizontally along the back.
  • Trim all threads. To prevent shadowing, trim as many stray threads on the top and backside of your quilt top. Shadowing is when dark threads show through lighter fabric; if this happens, DO NOT FEAR! There are tools to fix this, even after quilting.
  • Check for popped seams, especially on the sides. We recommend running a basting stitch within the seam allowance on the edges to secure side seams and to help keep your quilt square. This is extra helpful for quilt edges that are on the bias!
  • To the maximum extent possible, top and seams must be pressed well and neatly folded on intake. I do not re-press quilt tops on intake and extra crinkly tops may incur additional fees.
  • If the top or backing are directional, please mark each with a pinned note.

Your quilt will be handled with the utmost care while in our studio and you will receive the highest standard of professionalism and service. We will treat your quilt like one of our own and your satisfaction is our #1 goal. We are happy to quilt for all skill-levels, but please understand that although we do our very best, machine quilting will not fix excess fullness, puckering, inadequate/inconsistent seam allowances, open seams, improperly measured borders or the squareness of your quilt. We will reach out before starting if we encounter any issues that may prevent our ability to quilt your top and you may elect to have your top returned for corrections at your cost or pay for repair or extra prep services from our studio.