You've done all the hard work, now let us quilt it out for you! We offer competitive computerized edge-to-edge (E2E) rates and a variety of services that will transform your art into a finished quilt.

Quilting and additional services

  • E2E quilting: starting at $0.025/square inch ($50 minimum)
  • Piece backing: $10/seam
  • Trim edges: FREE (only on request)
  • Serge edges (3-thread narrow overlock): $10
  • Prepare binding: $15
  • Machine attach binding to front: $0.12/linear inch
  • Machine attach binding to front and back to finish quilt: $0.20/linear inch


We carry Quilters Dream (QD) batting which comes in a variety of fibers, colors and sizes. This list is not all inclusive, and we are happy to quote prices for, and special order, any QD batting not listed or in stock upon intake.

Sold by the yard (based on 93" wide roll):
  • Natural Dream Cotton Select (mid loft): $12/yd
  • Natural 80/20 (mid loft): $11/yd
  • Dream Bamboo (mid loft): $14/yd
  • Dream Puff (high loft): $10/yd

Sold by the batt (sizes range from craft-king):
  • Natural Dream Cotton (100% cotton):
    - Request (thinnest loft): $10.55-$38.45
    -Select (mid loft): $11.60-$47
    -Deluxe (weighty loft): $14.30-$63.20
    -Supreme (highest loft): $15.58-$78.89
  • Natural 80/20 (mid loft cotton/poly blend): $11.45-$44.98
  • Dream Bamboo (silk, bamboo, cotton & Tencel): $12.88-$49.85
  • Dream Poly (100% poly):
    -Request (thinnest loft): $9.95-$31.70
    -Select (mid loft): $10.63-$35.98
    -Deluxe (weighty loft): $11.83-$45.73
  • Dream Puff (high loft poly): $12.05-$39.80
  • Dream Wool (high loft): $15.05-$61.40